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Building Operators Use Array of Indoor Air Quality Tools to Ease Concerns

More and more large employers are telling their employees they want them back in the office at least a few days a week. Employees, however, continue to resist returning, citing concerns about their well-being as one reason. Building operators also want people back, as their businesses depend on occupancy, and they’re investing in IAQ upgrades to help ease those concerns.
Coretrust Capital Partners LLC is a real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition and operation of large office properties. The firm acquires older buildings and then invests in upgrades, including to the HVAC systems. This put Coretrust in a good position when the pandemic broke out, but management quickly realized they would have to invest even more in IAQ improvements to keep and attract tenants.
“We’re using what I would consider to be an arsenal of weapons to alleviate our tenants’ concerns about returning to the workplace,” said Thomas Ricci, Coretrust’s managing principal.
Improving filtration was the most common IAQ upgrade conducted by building operators, according to a survey by Omni CleanAir. Coretrust replaced its already fairly high MERV filters with even higher-rated filters. The company went as high as possible with the physical limitations of the filter banks’ size.
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